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Southern Style Peach Cobbler

When you visit The South and finish dinner it's quite possible you will be asked if you want dessert even if you are not at a restaurant. One thing you will notice is a lot of southern desserts involve fruit. Cobbler is a traditional southern dessert, especially during the summer months. They come in all kinds of fruity varieties. Peach and blackberry are some of the most popular flavors in The South mainly due to the fruits being local and in season.

Today I will be sharing a recipe for classic southern peach cobbler. It is my favorite kind of cobbler. I was brought up eating this dish. It is something I find at many of our family gatherings when we go back home for a visit. It is a classic that is sure to please.

Peaches are always a southern favorite, especially when in season. People buy or pick  them by the bushel sometimes and are always trying to find ways to use them up before they go bad, besides eating them plain. A cobbler is a great way to enjoy the fres…

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